Who is QJ Studio?

Introducing QJ STUDIO: The Dutch Contemporary Clothing Brand Connecting People and Forming a Community.QJ Studio | Dutch streetwear clothing brand | Made by people for people

QJ STUDIO is a Dutch contemporary clothing brand making waves in the fashion industry with its unique approach to design, storytelling, and conscious sourcing. It all started in Breda, The Netherlands, where the brand's founders, Quenthe and Jun, decided to bring their passion for fashion and a sense of community together. Made by people for people, QJ STUDIO focuses on timeless design pieces that each bear their own story and narrative. The brand aims to revolutionize the fashion universe through its unique uptake of conscious sourcing materials and fabric shapes, exploring the mysterious division of the earth, fire, water, and air as elements in artistic forms.

The brand aligns itself with the cultural diversity of street style and youth culture, facilitating a creative expression of individuality for every type of person. QJ STUDIO is a reincarnation of the speechlessness and silence of nature – where art meets fashion, and creativity as an expression of individuality. Clothing is not just worn as clothing, but as a creative, artistic expression to allow people to express their true selves, bringing like minds together and connecting them to form a community.

The brand's first collection, SHADE, is a reflection of its values: high-quality products and a safe space where creative people can express themselves freely. The collection features a hoodie and a t-shirt, both of which are part of the first drop, GLACIER, and are limited to only 400 pieces each. This exclusivity adds to the allure of QJ STUDIO and makes its products highly sought-after by fashion enthusiasts.


QJ STUDIO's target market is individuals who value well-crafted and thoughtfully designed clothing, with a focus on timelessness, storytelling, and sustainable sourcing. This is what sets this brand apart: its distinct perspective on design, brand narrative, and ethical, environmentally-conscious production.

One of the things that makes QJ STUDIO truly special is its focus on conscious sourcing. The brand works with unique materials and fabric shapes, exploring the mysterious division of the earth, fire, water, and air as elements in artistic forms. This attention to detail and unique approach to contemporary fashion is what sets QJ STUDIO apart from other brands and makes it a must-have for fashion lovers of all kinds. The brand's community-driven strategy, creating a safe space for all individuals to express themselves freely, and connecting people are what make QJ Studio a force to be reckoned with.

With its high-quality, timeless products, unique approach to design, commitment to conscious sourcing, community-driven approach, and connecting people, QJ STUDIO is a brand that truly stands out in the crowded world of contemporary fashion. So, keep an eye out for QJ STUDIO, you don't want to miss the next drop!

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