QJ Biography

QJ Studio,

BORN IN 2021

QJ is a Dutch contemporary clothing brand made by people for the people, focusing on timeless design pieces, with each capsule bearing its own story and narrative, aiming to revolutionize the fashion universe through working with unique uptake of conscious sourcing materials and fabric shapes, exploring the mysterious division of the earth, fire, water, and air as elements in artistic forms.


QJ aligns together with the cultural diversity of street style and youth culture into one creative expression of individuality for every type of individual - something to be reckoned with and seen with.  A reincarnation of speechlessness & silence of nature, where art meets fashion, where creativity is an expression of individuality. Clothing not just purely to be worn as clothing, but creative, artistic uptake to bring people together. Connecting people and forming a community.


With ‘SHADE’ as a first capsule collection, divided into several drops, we illustrate profound ways to allow people to express their uniqueness through the multiple shades in the color spectrum that constitute each humans' dimensional uniqueness.


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